Nodeark Ecosystem™

Cloud service where you as a user to control what your players will show, upload content and create your playlists.

The system that you can use from your computers, phones and tablets.


With our Nodeark Ecosystem ™ we have created an easy to use and stable interface for your Nodeark media player. The basic idea is that by drag-and-drop to be able to control your players and simply choose the templates and layouts to be made. Easy and smooth (and without programming).

To produce great marketing media of course means nothing if you can not distribute and display it effectively. We're talking both about person viewing to see what you created but also able to when and where to consume it effectively.

This is achieved when the communication is engaging, interesting and rewarding for the viewer. We at  Nodeark we know how to use digital marketing and digital signage to achieve this, whether it comes to local, regional or global implementations.

Another important part of our philosophy is that the user should not have to adapt your current workflow to the system but the system itself will be based on workflows that are already out in the workplace. Something that resulted in all of the system can handle many different file formats (so you do not have do conversions) and we created our Powerpoint® plugin so that you can make use of all the brilliant material you already created for other purposes.


After 5 minutes of training just about anyone can use our system and clients.


Linux-based devices with all the protection that goes with that.


Our clients automatically connect to our servers and can be used at any venue and location. With or without Internet connection.


Our clients can be remotely controller from any computer. Anywhere. And from an iPad or iPhone as well.

Nodeark Ecosystem™ genomgång
Nodeark Powerpoint® plugin